This web application is a password tool that creates 15 character, random passwords based on two criteria - 

A keyword that you will likely use for all passwords.  This should be long enough to not be easily brute-forced, but can be used with words such as -


(Please don't use that one though!)  

I recommend a tougher keyword such as -


..taken from 1st letter of each word in first line of Tennessee Waltz (I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz), the 3 & 4 are from the fact that this song is 3/4 time (waltz beat) and the # and ! used as 2nd character and next to last character.  Altogether, not so hard to remember, but tough to brute-force hack.

Use the web domain or other easy to remember item for the particular account you wish to log into, such as -

Don't get too tricky, or you might not remember the combination and there is no way to recover either of the two criteria, if you forget!

There is no database in  No files are written to the server.  No cookies.  Not even Google Analytics!  This means there is nothing for hackers to get, should they ever break into this website.  Your passwords are not STORED here, they are merely COMPUTED!

Our (imaginary) legal department requires us to write: Use this at your own risk., it's author (Hank Castello of nor any partners (of where there are none) take any responsibility for failures, bugs, etc.

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If you like, please consider using me to build or work on your web site or web application.  

- Hank Castello